What is Neurofeedback™?

shutterstock_65181187Neurofeedback is 100% drug-free, non-invasive, form of brain self-regulation that improves the central nervous system (CNS) by making the best use of your brain’s natural resources. It restores the brain function, rhythm, timing, frequency and synchronization without any electrical stimulation and provides the brain with information on itself in a language the brain can understand. The brain is the center of our central nervous system which is the sophisticated command and control center responsible for controlling all the other systems in your body. It receives and processes information from your body and the environment which enables you to process and store information to formulate appropriate responses, much of it without your conscious awareness.


This type of training is all made possible by the vast and wonderful neural network of neurotransmitters. When your brain is not regulating itself at its optimal performance, ramifications naturally exist. Some of these ramifications are depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, sleep problems, brain damage from injuries, epilepsy, and other addictions. Neurofeedback nudges the brain back to the rhythmic nature and thereby creates new patterns that enhance the brain neurotransmitters and its predisposition toward self-regulation. Neurofeedback simply stabilizes and optimizes the brain by increasing resilience and flexibility, allowing us to develop more healthy choices and how to respond.


Neurofeedback is also known as “brainwave feedback” or “Biofeedback”, and is a fundamental form of neurotherapy. Neurofeedback provides clients with direct feedback about the state of a particular brainwave activity. As brain functioning becomes increasingly efficient, the symptoms associated with the inefficient functioning start to improve. This process is similar to a client going to the gym for physical exercise. As the client exercises more, the muscles strengthen and the body becomes increasingly stronger.


Neurofeedback can enhance the brain efficiency in people without disorders. The training for “optimal performance”, refers to training of the brain to respond in a highly efficient manner to challenges. It does not mean that the brain is always on high alert but, rather, that when a coordinated mental event is required, the brain responds to the challenge in the most efficient manner. “CEO’s of large companies receive optimal performance training because it facilitates critical decision-making in any arena of activity that requires rapid and thorough consideration of complex information.” (1)


Neurofeedback represents a complete shift in the way we deal with mental and emotional issues. No longer do people have to cope with depression for the rest of their lives, relying on mood altering “drugs”. “Neurofeedback offers hope rather than resignation; feelings of dignity rather than deficiency, empowerment rather than dependence and self-determination as opposed to disappointment.”


(1) “Biofeedback for the Brain” Jeff Swindle, Ph.D.