My daughter struggled with anxiety, social phobia, and depression for many years. She has been on anti-anxiety/depression medicine ever since high school. Although she was great academically, she still could not make new friends or talk to anyone at school. It was painful to watch my daughter be unable to connect and stay alone in her room.


Within two to three weeks of training, we noticed changes in her. She was not “ticked off” as easily as she was before and remained physically and emotionally present at the dinner table. She seemed to be more open-minded and started taking more initiatives in her life. She could make phone calls to other people whenever the need arose, like calling the insurance company or pet’s office. It seemed to get easier and easier for her to reach out to others without much anxiety.


Today she went to work for the first day of her job which she found on her own. It was a huge relief to see our daughter moving toward her own independence and dreams. Neurofeedback did what years of talk therapy and medicine could not do!


Mother of a 22 yr. old female



I was amazed at how well Neuroptimal worked. When I was in your office I just felt relaxed but I didn’t notice much more than that. As soon as I left, I realized that I felt more “normal” than I have in a really long time. The rest of the evening was really great and I felt zero anxiety. Even this morning I felt NO ANXIETY and I went to work for 13 hours with minimal troubles. I wish that I had learned of this a long time ago.


37-year-old male – Teacher



If it hadn’t been for NeurOptimal training, I think I would’ve quit my job due to the stress and anxiety. I’ve had very stressful weeks and because of the training I was able to navigate through the stress, with a very clear and focused mind. I’m able to sleep better than ever before. I’m feeling more motivated and my body is readjusting from the barrage of the constant drip of stress. I’m finding that I don’t fret about things like I once did in my mind, and it feels like it’s able to be more resilient and flexible. Everyone should do this!


38-year-old male, Senior VP



NeurOptimal has helped me to relax and not worry. It has also helped me to let go and not hang onto bad situations for long periods of time. The effects were not noticeable at first but as the trainings went on I started to realize I was calmer, didn’t have panic attacks like I once did, and could deal with situations that would normally upset me, in a better way.


Cameron – 23-year old, store manger



Zoloft and Xanax –Before knowing about the NeurOptimal training, this is how I would managed the stress and anxiety brought on by dealing with the struggles surrounding the needs of my autistic child. Anyone who has a child with developmental issues knows the struggles and the anxiety, stress and meltdowns that goes with the territory. Since doing the trainings, I am much calmer, focused and able to deal with the stressors (with my child and life) in a better relaxed manner than before. I have no need for the medications to cope and much happier about how this training has given me the ability to be a better advocate for my child. It has been a game changer for me and for my family and my child is now doing the neurofeedback trainings with good results.


Mother of a 12 yr. old child with Autism



The results have been life-changing for me. I never thought that it would help me as much as it has. I was very skeptical at first. But as the trainings went on, I began to get more clarity and became less anxious. My concentration improved and I was able to stay on task better. I now have the ability to work through things with my wife without getting stuck in the past. Before I would’ve just walked out of the room, but now I’m able to work through my emotions.


35-year-old male in recovery



At first, I or my daughter were not sure what to expect. But after the first six sessions, there was a dramatic change in her anxiety. She no longer panics when she comes home from school from the amount of homework that has to be done. So far, the calm attitude has maintained. Even getting ready for school has become easier. Teachers also have noticed her anxiety has completely gone away. She is no longer rushing through her work and does not have panic attacks. She no longer throws screaming fits. The sessions have also helped with her reading. My daughter said the words read smoother. I have also heard her reading out loud and it has improved.


Mother of an 11 girl who has dyslexia and learning difficulties



The training has helped me lower my anxiety as well as a get better sleep. My mood is much happier and I’m able to focus on all my schoolwork I was able to take test without having to take my medication for anxiety. I graduate from high school and start college early to become a commercial pilot.


17-year-old woman senior in high school



NeurOptimal has allowed me to become more in touch with myself mentally and emotionally. I feel more present in my day-to-day functioning and feel better able to deal with stress and challenging emotions. I am getting better sleep and able to focus better when dealing with people. Thank you!


Liz – 26 yr old female professional



NeurOptimal or as I call it “brain training”, has been an amazing experience! I was suffering from severe fibromyalgia symptoms, constant anxiety, inability to sleep and constantly butting heads with my family. After each session I noticed I was more relaxed, sleeping more through the night, becoming less reactive and having fewer family arguments. My energy and personality has come back and I feel great! To feel more like myself again! And the whole experience is really fun. I love listening to the music while I relax. Thank you so much!


Heather – 33-year-old creative designer, fibromyalgia sufferer



During the course of my training sessions with NeurOptimal, which last about eight weeks, I went from the time of experience mental and emotional difficulties and transitioned to a state where I was able to cope and work through the difficult times with depression. The training produces an environment for me to better deal with what I was going through. This was a lot better than having to get on any type of medication. Thank you


49-year-old male – Sales Representative



I’m so glad I decided to try NeurOptimal neurofeedback. This training has helped in my holistic approach to mental healing after a few sessions. I felt very relaxed even when I was presented with stressful situations. I can now deal with situations in a calm manner where before I used to get frustrated and irritated. I believe neurofeedback is a great complement to talk therapy. It is safe with proven results. I highly recommend experiencing neurofeedback for yourself and for loved one.


Beth – 28-year-old professional woman



After the NeurOptimal trainings, I was able to concentrate better and it improved my memory. I have more self-confidence and am generally now able to relax better than being anxious and overwhelmed. Also my relationship with my husband has improved significantly.


Chris – 59-year-old professional woman



After doing the NeurOptimal trainings, I feel like I don’t get as angry as often; and if I do, the duration is a lot shorter. I’m able to let go of things more quickly and not hang on or get stuck. I feel like I’m more in the present than living in my past.

James – 46-year-old male – professional



I was a bit skeptical of the trainings, however I really appreciated the change in my voice. When I used to speak, I would stutter or trail off my words because I couldn’t remember the appropriate word to use at the time. However, since the trainings I have gained more confidence in my form of speech because it flows. To add, I was going through a really tough time trying to figure out exactly what it is I was wanting to do with my life. But after I finished my training sessions, I finally had it figured out! I am very appreciative of this training program and of my trainer for talking me through it each time. Thank you so much!


Kelsey – 24-year-old Dental Student



Instead of sitting around thinking about all the things I want to be doing… I’m doing things. I’m less anxious, I plan ahead more, and my relationship with others is changing and developing better.


Karen – 58 year woman