Affordable and Viable

Once your brain becomes more Efficient, Flexible and Resilient; and your mind is Clearer and Balanced; you will be at your best; no matter what challenges you face.




One Neurofeedback session cost less than 2 month supply of medication, with healthier and permanent results.




  • Fast compared to traditional Neurofeedback sessions
  • We typically see change within 4 to 8 training sessions, becoming more pronounced by 10 to 15 training
  • Helps people become more responsive and ready for dealing with issues that may have been less addressable in the past.
  • Less trouble and without the side effects of medication; and if you are on medication you can still be trained.



  • There are no side effects from the NeurOptimal brain training.
  • You will not run the risk of overtraining an area of the brain. The holistic nature of the trainings work with train the entire brain.
  • Our equipment gives feedback versus pushing or pulling the brain to some preconceived “normal” idea of what all brains should look like. We are looking to optimize the brain for better resilience and flexibility, based on the feedback from the brain.
  • This is no necessity to diagnosis, therefore the risk of a misdiagnosis is gone.



Lasting Results


  • Results last an extended length and will positively impact other areas of your life and people around you.
  • Results are cumulative and progressive in nature so that the sooner you start interacting with your world, the feedback and response you get from interfacing with others, the more nourishing and supportive this will feel creating a life with more growth less struggle.
  • The training results continue to unfold between and after trainings from inside of you, with the neuropathways in your brain continue to build upon themselves and create more stability and integration in your life.


  • No need to trigger defenses by activating the trauma through story
  • No need to effort to get results- this keeps our most vulnerable engaged
  • No extensive exercises or thought process needs to occur in-between sessions
  • No need to be able to access verbal ability to process and integrate